If you are a student with ADHD, you are probably spending more time and energy studying for exams than a student without ADHD so as final exams approach, use a study “smarter” not “harder” approach.  Here are some helpful tips that may make the process easier:

  • Communicate with your professor about the exam material:  Is it cumulative or material from the last exam forward?  What is the format of the exam?  Is there a review sheet available?
  • Students with ADHD can have trouble focusing or sitting for long periods of time.  Break down your study sessions into manageable chunks, use a timer to break up your studies, take short breaks to exercise or move around, or find small rewards that encourage you to complete your study session.
  • Use your learning style to your advantage!  Are you an auditory learner? Use a study buddy, read your notes aloud, turn textbook visuals into verbal descriptions, and use mneumonics, rhymes, and jingles.  Are you a visual learner?  Use flow charts or lists and organize them into categories, use visual associations, written repetition, or flashcards. Are you a kinesthetic? Actively participate in discussions, use manipulations or hands-on activities to understand the material, draw on real-world applications, role play exam situations, and allow for physical movement in your studies.
  • Create your exam launching pad:  Prepare your bag of exam essentials (pencils, pens, calculator, glasses, water, snack, etc.) prior to the exam so that you can grab and go the day of the test.
  • Explore academic accommodations.  If you are a student with ADHD, it is likely that you receive extended time on tests and/or a distraction reduced environment.  Accommodations are not retroactive so consider utilizing them to maximize your potential.
  • Take good care of yourself:   adequate sleep, exercise, and good nutrition.  Self-care is essential to assisting with the management of your ADHD symptoms. 
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