Although an ADHD / ADD diagnosis is the same for each individual, every individual is NOT the same.  Each individual is unique with their own set of strengths and talents.  Every individual also has their own skills and strengths to answer their own challenges.  ADHD coaching includes understanding more about ADHD and executive function issues while discovering your strengths and exploring new strategies, skills, and habits.

How Vermont ADHD Coaching Can Help:

·         Understand ADHD, executive function, and how it impacts you
·         Set goals (daily, weekly, and long-term)
·         Identify and utilize your strengths
·         Increase personal awareness and mindfulness
·         Create accountability
·         Develop self-advocacy skills
·         Prioritize assignments and tasks
·         Development time management and organization skills
·         Understand and lessen procrastination
·         Develop strategies to maintain focus and attention
·         Create positive work and study environments
·         Break the cycle of overwhelm
·         Track medication
·         Acknowledge and celebrate your successes

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