Coaching plans

Coaching appointments can be designed as:
·         Weekly
·         Twice a week
·         Custom plan

After an initial 90-minute consultation, each in-person, phone, or Skype session lasts 30-40 minutes.  The initial consultation will include the assessing personal needs in order to create a strategy together to achieve goals.

Coaching plans include scheduled in-person, phone, or Skype sessions, unlimited email communication, and brief phone check-ins.  Resources and referrals will be provided as needed to support your success.

Time commitment is essential.  The average amount of time to see a change is three months.  A minimum commitment of six months is suggested in order to establish the coaching relationship and achieve long term success.

Fees determined after discussing coaching plan.  For more information, contact Christina at or (802)345-2046.


Professional Development

Christina provides educational support, staff development opportunities and workshops for parents and professionals.  Commonly requested workshops include:

·         Ready, Set, Go!:  Preparing your LD and AD/HD Child for the Transition to College
·         There are no IEPs in College
·         Learning and Attention:  How Education Professionals Can Better Support Executive Function Needs
·         An Introduction to ADHD Coaching for Student Success
·         Executive Function, AD/HD and How Coaching Can Improve First Year Transition and Persistence to Graduation
·         Goal Setting for Higher Achievement
·         Time Management and Organization for the AD/HD Brain