Vermont ADHD Coaching offers a powerful, highly interactive and dynamic partnership between coach and client.  Vermont ADHD Coaching allows you a place to achieve more clarity, get curious and explore more options, and experience more empowerment and success within a fun and safe environment!  Vermont ADHD Coaching is confidential and is a results-oriented, flexible approach for creating strong action plans and effective strategies that keep you focused on your goals while maximizing your talents, assets and strengths and help you live the life you want to live.  The more you want to achieve, the more you can benefit from our services.

How Vermont ADHD Coaching Can Help:

·         Gain better clarity on a situation
·         Develop a better understanding of academic and professional options
·         Enhanced motivation and avoid procrastination
·         Develop more focused educational goals by developing strategies and tools for reaching your goals with success
·         Improve better communication or conflict-resolution skills
·         Improve organization and time management
·         Enhance relationships with family or friends at work or at school
·         Increase self confidence, self esteem, and greater sense of purpose

In order to do this, I will respect who you are and your values. I will listen a lot.  I will help you see what your strengths are. I will believe in your dreams, and help you to create them as reality.  I will expect that you know what is best for yourself and help you find your own solutions.  I will tell you the truth.  I will celebrate your success and encourage your growth.  I will be your partner, your cheerleader, your sounding board, and your wake-up call. I consider it an honor to be your coach and I look forward to the chance to talk with you!

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